Day 18 (Cairns)

I want to start off this entry by saying thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. From the the parents and family members that always supported us to Eiko and Kyoko for even making this possible, thank you for your time and effort. For me this trip was a dream come true and will be a life experience like none other.

The symposiums are always a lot of hard work and practicing, and this one no different. Some days we would leave the hotel at 8:30am and not get back until 9:30pm. And although those days were exhausting it all paid off in the final concert. We played 8 songs, from all of the international handbell delegates. Some songs were very difficult to get and not having a consistent conductor made learning the songs a little harder. As an ensemble we were able to help each other out to perfect each song, or at least try to.

During the concert we had the honor of listening the some of the indigenous peoples music which was a great contrast to the modernistic music we were preforming. The concert started off with the great barrier reef, which outlined the rise fall and future of the reef and ended with a great composition of music from Les Miserables the musical. The pieces were all hand selected by the handbell guild of each representing country and held special meaning to there culture and way life. The meaning behind some of these songs are touching and others are meant to highlight the bright fun nature of there culture like Singapore’s song.

Over all the concert went off without a hitch and even had some surprising moments (the ending of Les mis and a bass mallet unraveling mid song). I am so blessed to have experienced such a great last concert. I will miss playing bells so much. And will never forget the memories I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned and will carry them with me forever.



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  1. Lexie, you have been a faithful member of KCR for a very long time. I know they will miss your presence deeply. You’ve been one of the most consistent ringers in our history and i know your absence will be felt deeply next season when they convene in Katonah while you begin college in PA. i hope you’ll touch base with them at Christmas time. Thank you for your service.

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