Day 14 (Cairns)

We had our first day of the Symposium. We got there at 7:50 AM and left at 9:00 PM. Our first director was Timothy Sherlock from Australia. Each director had 35 minutes of rehearsal time. Out other directors for the morning were Kevin Ko from Hong Kong, and Pamela Grove from USA. Even Toshikazu Yoshida from the Kinjo Gakuin choir directed one piece! It’s was really cool to see his directing technique. After a long morning rehearsal we had lunch.

After lunch we rehearsed with Tim Willetts, Mi Hyun Kim, Camille Ream, Cai Ximin, Carmel Daveson. Its was really cool to see the different ways the conductors worked with us. The different choirs combined together created an interesting sound. After rehearsal we watched individual choirs perform their solo pieces. It was really special seeing the other groups perform because they all had different styles and interpretations of the music. Overall it was a unique and enjoyable experience.

Julia and Sydney


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