Day 11 (Cairns)

We started our day at the new hotel in Cairns, enjoying breakfast after a goodnight sleep. Excited for our trip, we all boarded the bus to the boat. When we arrived we we greated by a huge three story boat and helped our self to coffee and tea. As the boat traveled the pontoon platform for our daily activities, we were shown an instructionally video and learned about the reef, how it formed, and about some of the fish that live there. Once we arrived we were given the option to go snorkeling, go on glass bottomed boat tours. Some of us when for extra to further activities like scuba diving, snuba, and snorkeling further out on the reef. One favorite activity was the snuba. Snuba diving a mix between scuba diving and snorkeling. The swimmers have a mouth peice connected to a tube that goes up to a small boat to get air. This allows the depth and freedom of diving with the movement and ease of snorkeling. It gave us the opportunity to get deep on the ocean floor and look more closely at the coral around us. Some of the things that we saw down there was clown fish, clams, and angel fish as well as the assorted coral up close. We all had an amazing time. The Great Barrier is so world famous, it was amazing to see and experience it first hand. We all learned so much and had a great time.

Caleb, Lexie and Paul


  1. Thanks for describing the barrier reef trip so well. That was certainly more sophisticated than the one we took so many years before. You’ll carry those memories with you for many years.


  2. The Barrier Reef is something you’ll never forget. This chance to follow you all is great for us back home, too. Lexie, you look fabulous!


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