Day 8 (Sydney)

We started our day off at by meeting at the hotel at 8:15am in order to go to Featherdale Wildlife Park, in New South Wales, which was a little ways north west of the hotel. We got to the park, which was more of a zoo at about 9:30, after a good bus ride nap. Once we got into the park, a pack of wallabies greeted us, as well as cups of food to give to them. From there, everybody went at their own speed, meandering around, petting ‘roos (that’s what they call kangaroos here) dingos and even a koala, for a $25 fee. However, the best part of the whole park, in my opinion, was the penguin enclosure, because there were about a half dozen, and one foot tall!! We ended up leaving the park at 11:20, to go get lunch. Afterward, we went to the Sydney Opera House, right on Sydney Cove, where some of us got the unique experience of touring the closed off areas. We got to see the orchestra practice a song called Spanish Nights, and got to see the stage crew set up for an opera. Tonight, some people are going up to see an opera!

Asher and David


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  1. thanks for these daily messages. We, here in the USA, appreciate you’re taking the time to send them.


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