Day 3 (Rotorua)

We started today early, getting up before dawn to board the buses and head to our wildlife encounter. Unfortunately, one of the buses was running late, so we all packed onto the bus and headed south! After just over an hour, we stopped off in a nice village for a quick bathroom and coffee break. With a short walk around, we found a hobbit-like house with enormous round doors. As we began to drive out of the parking lot, the other parking bus pulled around the corner with some incredibly unlucky timing. The next hour was information filled as we crossed the countryside, covered in grasslands and cows.

Eventually we arrived at Rainbow Springs, a wildlife and nature filled center. Not only did we meet several fish, and lizards, we even met the kiwi bird, a native flightless bird. These funny chicken like birds ran back and forth sniffing for insects. For lunch, we ventured into the town center of Rotorua, with a mall and food court. With filled stomachs, we climbed back onto the coach buses, and got a great tour of the town, before retiring to our new hotel rooms. Equipped with a heated pool and fantastic bar, the hotel can compensate for the prevalent sulfur smell. We are going out into town for dinner tonight to complete the experience.

Aki, Kazu and Julian



  1. Ah, you were able to practice the first rule of touring—-“Be flexible”. I’m glad there were no personal injuries when the 2 buses made contact. Bon appetit.

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